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The Exceptional Energy Stage is situated in the middle of the exhibition. Companies will showcase new projects, technologies, products or services during a 20 minutes presentation. Presentations are planned on Wednesday 30th September and Thursday 1st October. Registrations are on a first come, first served basis.

To book your slot, contact Ms Camille Pieron at cpieron@wlpga.org.

Don’t miss this opportunity to present your company’s expertise and technology during the 28th World LPG Forum.
Singapore is an international hub and the place to be in 2015!

Please check the Exceptional Energy Stage programme:

Wednesday 30th September 2015  10:30-11:00am  Cavagna Group Revolution in FLT application: all-in-one multivalve  
Wednesday 30th September 2015  1:30-2:00pm  Slot 2    
Wednesday 30th September 2015
 2:00-2:30pm Metal Mate Co., Ltd. Sustainable Future for the Cylinder Markets      
Wednesday 30th September 2015 4:00-4:30pm  Slot 4  
Thursday 1st October 2015  11:00-11:30am  Kosan Crisplant How to Start up an LPG PLANT "GREAT START= GREAT RETURNS"  
Thursday 1st October 2015  1:30-2:00pm  Slot 6    
Thursday 1st October 2015  2:00-2:30pm  Slot 7    

Thank you for making the Singapore Forum a Success.

Registered delegates can access the proceedings here.

We look forward to seeing you in Istanbul in 2016!