Tuesday, 29th September 2015



The Global Technology Conference (GTC), which is organised by the World LPG Association (WLPGA) every year alongside the World Forum, is the opportunity for companies, research institutes, educational establishments and individuals to showcase the latest technological and other innovation impacting on the global LPG industry. Subject areas include upstream production technology right through the supply and distribution channel to the end user, covering operations, distribution, applications, automotive, product quality, environment, processes and much more. Ten papers will be presented in Singapore in two sessions of five presentations each, and all submissions will be showcased in a display of posters.

GTC 2015 will provide an invaluable insight for everyone involved in the LPG business from all parts of the world and all types of markets.


Session 1

Chairman: Ms Nathalie Venis, Petredec, Mauritius

• Mr Paolo Mangano, Wartsila Italia, Italy
Use of LPG in Wartsila Internal Combustion Engines: Alternative Fuel and Experimental Purposes

• Mr Donald Williams, M-TriGen, USA
LPG Powered Micro Combined Cooling Heating and Power Systems (MCCHP)

• Mr Greg Kerr, Propane Education & Research Council, USA
LPG Direct Injection Engine Research

• Dr Samik Kumar Hait, IndianOil Corporation, India
Development of Nanoadditized High Therm LPG for Metal Cutting Application

• Mr Rubens Basaglia, X-Tech, Switzerland
X-Tech LGI System: The Technology to Make LPG an Ideal Fuel For Modern Powertrains 

3:30pm-4:00pm Coffee Break

Session 2

Chairman: Mr Morten Balle, Hexagon Ragasco, Spain

• Mr Emrah Isbilen, Aygaz, Turkey
Removal of Residues from LPG through Filtration

• Mr Jan-Jaap Koppert, LoW8 B.V., The Netherlands
LoW8: The Next Generation of Composite Cylinders

• Mr Greg Kerr, Propane Education & Research Council, USA
Unvented Gas Heating Products’ Indoor Air Quality Impact in Energy Conservation Structures

• Mr Panagiotis Haritopoulos, Coral Gas, Greece
Internal Leak Limiter for non-Refillable Metallic Gas Cartridges

• Mr Jungo Tsubakihara, Japan Utility Telemetering Association, Japan
Next Generation Communication Technology Development in Japan 

Thank you for making the Singapore Forum a Success.

Registered delegates can access the proceedings here.

We look forward to seeing you in Istanbul in 2016!