Wednesday, 30th September 2015



Welcome Remarks

Mr James Rockall, CEO and Managing Director, WLPGA
Mr Kimball Chen, President, WLPGA
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Keynote Address

Mr B. Ashok, Chairman, IndianOil (Invited)

10:30am-11:00am Coffee Break in the Exhibition




Keynote Address

Mr Lee Yi Shyan, Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Trade & Industry

Roundtable – Expanding Horizons

Chairman: Mr Henning Gloystein, Thomson Reuters, Singapore

LPG production is increasing, trade routes are shifting, demand profiles are changing. All of this spells opportunity for those who understand the big picture. Come and listen to the opinions of the experts. Isn’t it time to expand your horizons?

• Dr Walter M. Hart, HIS, USA
• Mr Ken Wilson, SHV Energy, The Netherlands
• Mr Ted Young, Dorian LPG, USA
• Mr David Carroll, IGU, Switzerland
• Ms Anita George, World Bank
• Mr Stuart Weidie, Blossman Gas, USA 

1:00pm-2:30pm Lunch in the Exhibition








Session 1a – Deciphering the Upstream

Conference Room

Chairman: Mr Martin Ackermann, BW LPG, Singapore

The recent growth and changes that have occurred in the upstream business environment will be discussed in this roundtable session. New supplies have emerged. Oil and gas prices have seen dramatic changes. The East – West arbitrage has collapsed. What are the competing/complementary applications for LPG and Ethane? What will be the impact of new large ships entering the market? What new trade routes will emerge following the Panama Canal expansion? Predicting exports in a confusing market is just one of the topics on the agenda.

• Mr Brett J Snyder, BP Singapore, Singapore
• Ms Helen Liang, Guangdong Oil & Gas Association, P.R. China
• Mr Jiwon Chung, OPIS, USA
• Mr Alexey Markov, Sibur, Russia
• Mr Gary Ireson, CEFA, Australia
• Mr Kevin Kim, SK Gas, South Korea 

Session 1b: Breathe Easy: Clean Cooking with LPG

Room Summit 2

Chairman: Ms Wanjiku Manyara, Petroleum Institute of East Africa (PIEA), Kenya

4.3 million people die prematurely every year because of exposure to household air pollution from cooking with wood and other dirty and dangerous fuels. This entirely preventable problem disproportionately impacts women and children. LPG because it’s portable and clean burning offers an ideal solution. This session will focus on the role LPG can play in addressing the age old problem of household air pollution and the long term potential of introducing 1 billion new consumers to cooking with LPG.

• Ms Anita George, World Bank Group
• Mr Dayo Adeshina, Strategic Energy Ltd, Nigeria
• Ms Kalinda Magloire, SWITCH, Haiti 
• Ms Radha Muthiah, Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves


Coffee Break in the Exhibition


Session 2a – Innovative Distribution Models

Conference Room

Chairman: Dr Kirk Smith, Berkeley University, USA

This will highlight findings from the WLPGA study “Global Lessons from Innovative Business and Distribution Models” which will showcase initiatives by governments, industry, NGOs, development institutions and other organisations to accelerate the switch to LPG for cooking.

• Mr Blaise Edja, Oryx Energies, Switzerland
Drive innovation for greater access to LPG in sub-Saharan Africa

• Mr S Lakshimi, Narayanan, Indian Oil Corporation, India
Direct Benefit Transfer (DBTL)

• Pak Irto Petrus Ginting, PT Pertamina (Persero), Indonesia
LPG Developments in Indonesia

• Mr Barış Sanli, EMRA, Turkey
Education for Clean Cooking

Session 2b: Accelerating Change

Room Summit 2

Chairman: Mr Cameron Ure, General Manager, Unigas, Australia

In the past decade Autogas has developed to become the world’s most popular alternative fuel and the most dynamic sector in the global LPG industry. Forecast trends, recent policy developments and essential innovations make this market segment one to watch closely!

• Mr Tucker Perkins, Propane Education & Research Council, USA
Autogas Development Activities in the Unites States 

• Mr Tunç Demir, Aygaz, Turkey
An Update on the Autogas Business in Turkey

• Mr Makoto Arahata, Japan
Autogas in Japan-the Latest Story

• Mr Robert Pope, GasTech, Australia
LPG Fuelled London Black Taxis - The Greener Alternative


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